Veering Off the Digital Highway: My Moped Mission

Where Did I Vanish To? How Mopeds Helped Me Detox from Digital Life

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here – no excuses for the long absence! I wanted to pop in to discuss a new hobby I’ve become passionate about that has provided much needed stress relief: restoring vintage mopeds from the 1970s.

About two weeks ago, I picked up my first Peugeot Vogue moped. I was instantly obsessed! Turning rusty bolts and tuning old carburetors fully occupies my mind, helping relieve stress and anxiety. The focus and patience required to resuscitate an aging engine has become an unlikely source of zen for me.

In search of new projects, I visited a fascinating antique shop in Ome, Tokyo today specializing in European artifacts. There I saw two decrepit 70s Peugeot mopeds, tempting but beyond my skills. Still, I left inspired and eager to tinker.

For me, moped restoration aligns with my mission to reduce screen time and live analog. I call it my “Vanish 404” project – an ode to the infamous internet error code! I recently published a journal (“Vanish for a Day: 104 Journal Writing Prompts and Tips”) on Amazon documenting my digital detox journey. You can get it here.  Writing by hand has also become a therapeutic exercise.

While scruffy bikes and fountain pens may seem an odd stress remedy, engaging with tactile, mechanical things has eased my worried mind. In a digital world, working with my hands grounds me. My moped obsession may seem eccentric, but this hobby has brought me much joy and inner peace.

The hunt continues for my next restorative moped project. For now, wrenching on my Peugeot provides escape from anxiety and screens. More moped therapy adventures to come!